Ufone Introduced Debit Card for Every Pakistani

Ufone always leads the industry with its innovative first, and our next one is here. In collaboration with UBank, Ufone launches UPaisa Debit Card.

The UPaisa Debit Card works at ATMs and retail outlets, backed by the large network of 1-Link ATMs and Unionpay card accepting machines. This translates into unlimited convenience for you, and you no longer have a need for a traditional bank account as you can use your UPaisa Debit Card for a variety of transactions, from buying groceries and fuel and so much more.

It doesn’t stop there, because the UPaisa Debit Card also lets you avail discounts at some of the major brands in Pakistan.

So get your UPaisa Debit Card from your nearest Ufone Service Center, Franchise, Registered UPaisa Shop or UBank Branch today!

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Minimum Deposit Rs. 100
Card Issuance Charges Rs. 200
Cash Withdrawal
1-Link Rs. 25
M-Net Rs. 25
Balance Inquiry Rs. 0
IBFT Rs. 50 + tax