Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, throwing light on conditions of hospitals in the country.(2014)
Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
Aug 18, 2014
The Editor,
I shall be thankful if you publish this letter in the columns of your esteemed newspaper. I want to highlight the deteriorating condition of the government administered hospitals in the country.
A hospital is a place that functions to eliminate germs, bacteria and infection. It must be a model of cleanliness and hygiene. But the reality is in stark contrast to this perception. The condition in most of the hospitals is very dreadful. The wards are filled with cockroaches, termites, rats, stray dogs and dogs that roam about freely within its premises. The walls are covered in grime and graffiti. An unpleasant stench fills the patient’s rooms because all the drains of the building are clogged permanently. The patients are being kept in an unhealthy and unsafe atmosphere.
I strongly urge the authorities concerned to do something.
Yours faithfully,
Roll #: ……..

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