Write a letter to the Health Minister about the lack of medical facilities in Government Hospitals. (2014)
Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
Aug 18, 2014
The Health Minister,
I have the honor to bring to your notice the lack of medical facilities in Government hospitals. I hope you will take serious notice of this and instruct the quarters concerned to do something to improve the situation.
With the exception of few hospitals, the general condition in government hospitals is very deplorable, In these hospitals, the life-saving drugs are not available. The patients are advised to buy them from the medical stores. All pathological tests are not available in the hospital laboratories. For some of them, the patients have to visit private laboratories. Oxygen cylinders are not in proper working order, and patients have to go without them. Arrangements for blood tests are not up to the mark, and during transfusion, some patients succumb to death. This is sheer killing. Facilities of physiotherapy are very rare. Specialists working in the hospitals are found persuading the patients to visit their private clinics. In the wards, the number of beds is not enough to accommodate all the indoor patients with the result that many patients are found lying in the verandahs.
Yours faithfully,
Roll #: …….

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