Download 6th class Old Question Papers For Annual Examination preparation 2014

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Q.No.1:Translate the following into Urdu.(2 x 5=10)
(A) Today the world has changed. The Muslims have grown in numbers.They are strong in belief.Most of the mosques are used as “ Deeni Madrisas ” . Religious and general education is given to children in these Madrisas.
(B) I’ve got a darling mummy,
With such a lovely smile,
And daddy says all three of us,
Make everything worthwhile.
Q.No.2:Answer the giving question.(5 x 2=10)
(1) What makes a man noble and great ? (2) Why is “Azaan” called out ?
(3) Where does Amina’s father do ? (4) How does he treet the poor patients ?
(5) What is a Mosque ?
Q.No.3:Write any five of the following form of verb.(5 x 1=5)
Do , Go , Work , Catch , Read , Take , Claim , Open
Q.No.4:Write an essay on “ My Best Friend ”.(1 x 5=5)
Q.No.5:Write an application for attending merriage. (1 x 5=5)