6th class Math Test Paper Question For Annual Examination 2014

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Q.No.1:Write the following into Urdu.(2.5 x 4=10)
(1) Two x plus three y. (2) Six minus two is not equal to eight. (3) five a minus two b (4) four times two x-y
Q.No.2:Write the following expressions in simplified form.(5 x 1=5)
(i) a.a.a (ii) c.c.c+d.d.d.d (iii) (a+b)(a+b)(a+b) (iv) d.d.d_d+d+d (5) 3.p.p.p-2.q.q.q
Q.No.3:Add.(5 x 2=10)
(i) 2x and 2x (ii) 2a2 and 2a2 (iii) lm and 3lmand 4lm (iv) -4a and -2a (v) 3x and -2y
Q.No.4:Simplify.(2 x 5=10)
(i) (3x+4y)+(2x+6y) (ii) 5x2+6y2+4y2+xy+6xy+3x2
Q.No.5:Simplify.(2 x 5=10)
(i)-3x2y-2x2y (ii) 10a2-4a2