ptcl Introduce EVO Nitro Cloud-Share August 2014

Nitro cloud-share is the latest WiFi Hotspot Device in the Nitro Cloud series. This sleek & incredibly portable, battery powered Hotspot is able to connect to multiple WiFi devices over its wireless interface, providing blazing 3G speeds to mobile phones, gaming consoles, laptops & PDA’s etc. Nitro Cloud-Share is a cloud in the true sense of the word, allowing you to share both your wireless broadband & the content on your microSD card with friends & family at the click of a button.
Key Highlights:
EV-DO REV-B Access through an intelligent mobile hotspot.
Superior Rev.B Phase-2 Compliant device supporting speeds upto 14.7 MBPS Downlink and 5.4 Mbps uplink in metropolitan areas (currently Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi)
9.3 Mbps Rev.B speeds in 200+ Cities.
Connects up to 5 WiFi gadgets simultaneously.
1.0” OLED Screen depicting signal strength, battery & connection status.
MicroSD Slot supports up to 32 GB.
MicroSD Data Sharing Over WiFi (Now share documents with colleagues or music & video clips with friends & family)
WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) a feature that lets you easily connect WPS-supported client devices without the hassle of typing in a password.
CDMA Rev.A speeds of 3.1 Mbps in 250+ Cities with 1X Fallback.
1700 mAh battery providing up to 5 Hours of Usage. (1 Spare battery in box)

Device Price & Package Tariffs
Monthly Charges
Billing Mode
20 GB
30 GB

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Free Device & 3 Months Usage for Rs. 9,500
*Fup 50 GB Applies