Warid SMS Packages Automatically Off Due to Eid Ul Azha October 2014

Warid SMS Packages Off Due to Eid Ul Azha Holiday All The Warid Customer can Enjoy SMs Service If you activate Zem Sms Craze , your current package will be converted to Warid Zem.
Zem SMS Craze Info: Enjoy 5000 SMS/MMS on any network in Pakistan and 10 MB Internet usage per month. Activation Rs 11.95, Monthly Rental Rs 150, Tax included
ZEM SMS Craze Rates in Rs/30sec: FnF Onnet:0.59,FNF Offnet:0.90,Onnet: 0.90,Offnet Landline and Mob:1.02, SMS: Onnet:0.60, Offnet:1.20, Intl SMS:5.98 tax incl

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