Luv Number —>143 Luv Flower—>ROSE Luv Place—>Taj Mahal Luv Day —> 14 Feb.. Luv Organ —> Heart Luv Friends—> You..!! Happy Valentines Day My Love Request: If I reach with my hand, will you hold it? If I hold out my arms, will you hug me? If I come close to your lips, will you kiss me? If I care for you, will you love me? I want the world to know that you’re my Love. Please Be my Valentine! My Current #Status: Wanted by Many Taken by None Looking at Some But Waiting for One And you are that one! Happy Valentine’s day! The way you Laugh, makes me Smile The way you Talk, gives me Butterflies Everything about you, makes me Happy Can you make me happy for the entire Lifetime by being my Valentine? If you’re married, go and kiss your spouse If you have GF\BF, go and kiss that person And if you’re SINGLE, Kiss the ground and thank GOD! Happy Valentines’ Day !!!

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