CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Quiz No1 Solution Ideas

For any of the instructions that are a part of the instruction set of the SRC, there are cerain_________required; which may be used to select the appropriate function for the ALU to be performed, to select the appropriate registers, or the appropriate memory location.

  • Register
  • Control signals
  • Memory
  • None of the given

Q 2 FALCON-A processor bus has 16 lines or is 16-bits wide while that of SRC _____wide.

  • 8-bits
  • 16-bits
  • 32-bits
  • 64-bits

Q 3 What is the instruction length of the FALCON-A processor

  • 8-bits
  • 16-bits
  • 32-bits
  • 64-bits

Q 4 _________control signals enable the input to the PC for receiving a value that is currently on the internal processor bus.

  • LPC
  • INC4
  • LC
  • I

Q 5 Which one of the following is a bi-stable device, capable of storing one bit of information?

  • Decoder
  • Flip-Flop
  • Multiplexer
  • Diplexer

Q 6 Which instruction is used to store register to memory using relative address?

  • ld instruction
  • ldr instruction
  • lar instruction
  • str instruction

Q 7 Which field of the machine language instruction is the “type of operation” that is to be performed?

  • Op-code (or the operation code)
  • CPU registers
  • Momory cells
  • I/O locations

Q 8 The instruction ___________ will load the register R3 with the contenets of the m\emory location M [PC+56]
___Add R3, 56
___lar R3, 56
___ldr R3, 56
___str R3, 56
Q 9 _______ operation is required to change the processor’s state to a known, defined value.

  • Change
  • Reset
  • Update
  • None of the given

Q 10 which type of instructions help in changing the flow of the program as and when required?

  • Arithmetic
  • Control
  • Data transfer
  • Floating point

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