Ufone gprs mms and internet manual setting for I-Phone

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GPRS settings Manual for I-Phone handsets:
Press the Menu button
Tap Settings
Tap General
Tap Network
Tap Cellular/Mobile data : ON
Tap Cellular Data Network
APN: ufone.internet (For Postpaid)
ufone.pinternet (For Prepaid)
User Name/Password: Blank
MMS settings Manual for I-Phone handsets:
APN: ufone.mms (For Postpaid)
ufone.pmms (For Prepaid)
User Name/Password: Blank
MMSC: www.ufonemms.com
MMS Proxy:
Please select APN according to the product and turn Cellular Data option “ON” when required, otherwise turn it “OFF” please.
APN for Prepaid(GPRS):ufone.pinternet
APN for Prepaid(MMS):ufone.mms
APN for Postpaid(GPRS):ufone.internet
APN for Postpaid(MMS):ufone.mms