Virtual University Workshop on Laravel PHP Framework

Virtual University intends to offer free Workshop on Laravel PHP Framework for currently enrolled students of 6th Semester onward. Workshop will be conducted by an Experienced Professional from Software Industry to provide in-depth knowledge of the Framework. Primarily Workshop is targeted for the students currently enrolled in Final Year Project but there is no such restriction.

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Selection Criteria:

i. Must have basic programming (OOP) and database skills.
ii. Good to have working knowledge of PHP
iii. To pass the Interview to be conducted by Professionals of VU-Software House. Interview will primarily covers topics mentioned in point (i).

Schedule of Workshop:

Session -1: 06-Dec-2014 from 10:00am 3 pm

Session -2: 13-Dec-2014 from 10:00am 3 pm

Session -3: 03-Jan-2014 from 10:00am 3 pm