Check Online IT430 E-Commerce Quiz No. 02 Solution and Discussion Fall 2014

Question # 1 of 10

Which of these payment systems does not involve the use of encryption?

Select correct option:

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Electronic check

Electronic cash

Virtual PIN (correct)


Question # 2 of 10

Which of one is the security measure for e-commerce?

Select correct option:

Downloading of plug-ins from the internet be avoided.

Downloading of plug-ins should be done from the vendorís official website.

Installation of a firewall may also reduce the risk of virus attack.

All of Above (DOUBT)

Question # 3 of 10

Worms have the characteristics;

Select correct option:

Can replicate it

Have the capability to travel without any help or human action

Can spread from computer to computer


Question # 4 of 10

Payment gateway is an organization which connects those entities to the internet which are offline.

Select correct option:

True (correct)


Question # 5 of 10

Key version represents public key by

Select correct option:



E-Bank (correct)

Certification Authority

Question # 6 of 10

Processing of HTML code on the Client Side and web page request on the server.

Select correct option:

One Tier Architecture

Two Tier Architecture (correct)

Three Tier architecture

N tier Architecture

Question # 7 of 10

Is the name of popular cryptographic System_____.

Select correct option:

Pure Gold Privacy

Pretty Gold Privacy (PGP)

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) (correct)

Pretty Gold Privacy

Question # 8 of 10

Application gateway firewall operate at ________.

Select correct option:

Application layer (correct)

Network Layer

Session Layer

None of Above

Question # 9 of 10

Cipher suite is a combination of

Select correct option:

Cryptographic Algorithm

Authentication methods

Security layers

Cryptographic Algorithm And Authentication methods (correct)

Question # 10 of 10

SET and SSL both are same with respect to security.

Select correct option:


False (correct)