Check Online Download Multan Board 11th Class Model Paper (Biology) 2015 Annual Examination

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Model Paper Biology Subjective
Intermediate Part Ė I (11th Class) Examination Session 2012-2013 and onward
Total marks: 83 Time: 3:10 hours
Section II
Q.2 Attempt any EIGHT short questions. (8x2=16)
i. Define the biological method.
ii. Differentiate between theory and law.
iii. Define conjugated molecules with two examples.
iv. Define apeozyme and holoenzyme.
v. Define cofactor and write its functions.
vi. Compare competative and non competative inhabitor.
vii. Differerentiate between diploblastic and triploblastic animals.
viii.Define blastocoel.
ix. Write any two benificial effects insects.
x. Diffrentiate between coelomate and acoelomate.
xi. Differentiate between systole and diastole.
xii. What do you know about blue babies?
Q.3 Attempt any EIGHT Short questions. (8x2=16)
i. Define pili with their functions.
ii. Describe briefly about giant amoeba.
iii. Draw the life cycle of plasmodium.
iv. Write down any two characteristic of Ciliates.
v. Define Kelps. With which group it belongs.
vi. Compare microphyll with magephyll leaves.
vii. Write the significance of double fertilization.
viii. What are accessory pigments?write their significance.
ix. Define glycolysis and how many ATP molecules are formed in this
x. Define adipose tissues. How are they formed.
xi. What is hunger pang? write its reason.
xii. Write two side effect of obesty.

Q.4 Attempt any SIX Short questions. (6x2=12)
i. Write the main points of cell theory.
ii. Write the method to calculate the magnification power of compound
iii. Write down botanical names of Amaltas and Brinjal.
iv. Define dikaryotic hyphae?
v. Compare basidiospores with ascoscopes.
vi. Compare myoglobin with haemogloban.
vii. Briefly describe Asthama.
viii. Write the roles of nose in man.
ix. Define respiratory distress syndrome. SECTION III
Attempt any three questions. (8x3=24)
Q5(a). Write in detail two hypothesis for opening and closing of stomata. (2+2)
(b) Write note on biological method. (0+4)
Q6(a). Discuss any four function of proteins. (4)
(b) Describe plastids with their types. (1+3)
Q7(a) Explain charactistics of cyanobacteria. (4)
(b) Write various steps of Evolution of leaf. (4)
Q8.(a) Write a note on transport of oxygen in man. (4)
(b) Elaborate the non cyclic phosphorylation with the help of diagram. (3+1)
Q9.(a) Explain digestion in stomach. (4)
(b) Write a note on Zygomycetes. (4)
Section IV
Attempt any three questions. (5x3=15)
Q10. (a) You are provided with egg albumin and Million reagent. Write biochemical
test for the the substance which egg contain. ( 3)
(b) Write two examples of reducing sugars. (2)
Q11. (a) You are given the flower Rosa indica.Described in technical terms its
following parts.
(i) calyx (ii) androceium (iii) gyonecium (3)
(b) Differentiate between polysepalous and gamsepalous. (2)
Q12. Sketch and label the diagram of digestive system of cockroach. (5)
Q13. (a) Write the procedure to measure the blood pressure during rest and after
exercise. (3)
(b) Write normal value of systolic and diasystolic blood pressure. (2)
Q14. (a) Following specimen were studied in the laboratory. Give one character of
each to identify. (5)
(i) Euglena (ii) anaphase of mitosis. (iii) Fungi
(iv) stomata (v) m