List of Guess Paper 2015 Practical’s Computer Science 9th BISE Multan Board

1 Write down the steps to shutdown and restart Windows
2 How would you launch the start Menu and Access the Program Menu?
3 How would you create new folder on the desktop and in windows?
4 Write down the steps to create ,rename and delete the folder
5 Write down the steps
i) To search a file from computer.
ii) To view the properties of your computer.
6 How would you search files or folders on your computer?
6 How would you get help in Window Operating System?
7 How would you maximize, minimize, close and restore the window?
8 How would you load Windows Explorer?
9 How would you Set Date/Time?
10 How would you arrange desktop icons
11 How would you view and empty the Recycle Bin?

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