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Get Download Practicals Physics Intermediate Part-I Guess Paper Question 2015

1. To find out volume/diameter of a cylinder using Vernier Callipers.
2. To find the area of cross section of a wire or volume of small sphere using micrometer screw guage.
3. To find the unknown weight of body by the method of vector addition of forces.
4. Determination of value of g by free fall using an electronic time/ticker timer.
5. Verification of following relations of the simple pendulum:-
(i) Time period is independent of the amplitude.
(ii) Time period is independent of its mass or density or the bob.
(iii) Time period is directly proportional to the square root of its length.
6. To find the acceleration due to gravity by oscillating mass spring system.
7. Verify the second condition of equilibrium using a suspended meter rod.
8. Investigation of the laws of vibration of stretched strings by sonometer or electromagnetic method:-
(i) Law of length.
(ii) Law of mass.
(iii) Law of tension.
9. To determine the wave length of sound in air using stationary waves and to calculate the speed of sound.
10. To determine the focal length of a convex lens by displacement method.
11. To find the refractive index of the material of a prism by critical angle method.

Note: Syllabus of practical will be strictly followed which includes more practicals then mentioned in