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Q.No.5. Each question has four possible answers. Choose the correct
answer and encircle it.
(i) Pakistan is a country.
(a) Ideological (b) Secular (c) Socialist (d) Democratic
(ii) Independence war was fought in.
(a) 1877 (b) 1867 (c) 1857 (d) 1850
(iii) Right of separate Electorate to Mulsims was given in.
(a) 1904 (b) 1906 (c) 1909 (d) 1919
(iv) M.A.O High School Aligarh started in.
(a) 1886 (b) 1877 (c) 1885 (d) 1875
(v) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan died in.
(a) 1886 (b) 1877 (c) 1898 (d) 1900
(vi) The revocation of Partition of Bengal announced in.
(a) 1906 (b) 1908 (c) 1911 (d) 1913
(vii) The name of the 1st president of Muslim League.
(a) Nawab Salim ullah (b) Quaid-I-Azam
(c) Sir Agha Khan (d) Waqar-ul-Mulk

(viii) The important leader of Khilafat Movement was.
(a) Hakim Ajmal Khan (b) Quaid-I-Azam
(c) Moulana Muhammad Ali Johar (d) Moulana Abdul Bari

(ix) The Pakistan resolution 1940 was presented by.
(a) Liaqat Ali Khan (b) Moulana Zafar Ali Khan
(c) A.K. Fazul-ul-Haq (d) Quaid-I-Azam

(x) The last Viceroy in India was.
(a) Lord Cursion (b) Lord Minto
(c) Lord Wavel (d) Lord Mount Baton MODEL PAPER “PAKISTAN STUDIES”
Intermediate Part-II Examination, 2008 & Onward

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Time: 1:20Hours Marks: 40
Note: - Attempt any TWELVE (12) questions from Section -I and any
TWO questions from Section-II

Q.No.1. Attempt any TWELVE (12) questions. 12x2=24

(i) Write the names of two important sectors of independence war 1857.
(ii) Describe the two main casts of Hindus.
(iii) Write the names of two companions of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
(iv) When and where Sir Syed Ahmed Khan born?
(v) Describe the important feature of Journal “ TEHZEEB-UL-AKHLAQ”.
(vi) Write the two important sayings of Quaid-I-Azam about two nation theory.
(vii) Narrate the two important aims of demand for Pakistan.
(viii) Write the names of two poetic collections of Allama Iqbal.
(ix) Who completed the word “PAKISTAN” and when?
(x) Describe the two points of Lukhnow pact 1916.
(xi) Narrate the two events during the Khilafat Movement.
(xii) What was the main demand of Muslim acceded in Minto Morley reforms?
(xiii) Write the names of Muslim members in the Sub committee for Nehru report.
(xiv) Write the two points from the 14th points of Quaid-I-Azam.
(xv) When and where Allama Iqbal presented the idea for separate Homeland?
(xvi) When and where the first Round table conference was held?
(xvii) When and where Quaid-I-Azam born?
(xviii) Describe the two important principles of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
Note: - Attempt any TWO questions. 2x8= 16
Q.No2. Describe the causes of creation of Pakistan.

Q.No3. Write the literary and political achievements of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
Q.No4. Describe the causes of formation of Muslim League