Multan Board List of Practicals Biology 9th Model Papers 2015

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1. Study of different types of bacteria with the help of prepared slides.
2. Study of Amoeba with the help of prepared slides/fresh culture/charts.
3. Study of external structure of Mustard plant (Brassica Campestris).
4. Identification of Jelly fish, Earthworm, Starfish, Cartilaginous fish, class reptilian and class mammalian from fresh and preserved specimens based on salient taxonomic characteristics.
5. Microscopic observation of an animal cell (from Blood of Frog) and plant cell (from epidermis of onion).
6. Effect of tonicity on plasmolysis and deplasmolysis on plant cells or blood cells.
7. Effect of enzyme pepsin (invitro) on meat/albumin.
8. Experiment for action of enzyme diastase on Starch.
9. Experiment to show the process of photosynthesis using aquatic plant Hydrilla.
10. Experiment to prove that Carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis.
11. Experiment to prove that respiration takes place in germinating seeds using lime water.
12. Food Tests:.
(i) Benedictís Test for Glucose (reducing sugars).
(ii) Iodine Test for Starch (non reducing sugars).
(iii) Emulsion Test and Spot Test for fats.
(iv) Biuret Test for protein.

13. Estimation of loss of water from both surfaces of leaf using Cobalt Chloride paper.
14. Observation of transpiration in a potted plant kept under a bell jar.