BISE Multan Board List of Practicals Computer Science 11th Model Papers 2015

1. (a) Use of start Menu.
(b) Manage Program group and Documents group.
(c) How to access Search group.
(d) Customize the Desktop.
2. Use of Windows help.
3. Use of Windows accessories:
(a) Word pad.
(b) Calculator.
(c) Paint.
4. Use of Windows accessories:
(a) Managing files and folder.
(b) Using My Computer.
(c) Managing files and folder using Windows Explorer.
(d) Managing Recycle Bin operation.
5. Printer:
(a) Installation of Printer Driver.
(b) Setting of different properties of Printer.
(c) Managing the ques of printing jobs.
MS Word
6. (a) Open and Save files in specified path OR new folders.
(b) Selection of text by different methods and applying a different operation Copying, Moving(by clip board and Drag and Drop method), Deletion.
7. Formating text(Bold, Underline, Font, Color).
8. Using Undo and Redo.
9. Use of Text Alignments, Indenting and Managing Space also use Bullet and Numbering.
10. Use of Page Setup including paper Margin, Size, Paper Source and Layout.
11. Skills of Printer Setting.
12. Use of Tables and Columns.
13. Use of Spell Check, grammar and Phrases.
14. Use of Short cuts.

15. Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns.
16. Managing Work Sheets.
17. Formating and customizing Data.
18. Use of Formulas and Function.
19. Drawing of different types of charts.
20. Use of Page Setup and Printing configuration.
21. Use of Short cuts.

Internet Explorer
22. Send/Receive Email to a single user, multiple users.
23. Attach/Detach files with Mail.
24. Browsing internet.
25. Use of Short cuts.
26. Proper use of Search Engine.

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