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Model Paper 2015 Biology Objective Sargodha Board

Model Paper Biology Subjective
Intermediate Part II (12th Class) Examination Session 2012-2014 and onward
Total marks: 83 Time: 3:10 hours
Section I
Q.2 Attempt any EIGHT short questions. (8x2=16)
(i) Describe the metabolic disorders causing kidney stone formation.
(ii) State two function of liver in relation to homeostasis.
(iii) What are heat shock proteins and what is their function?
(iv) State two modification of arthropoda exoskeleton.
(v) Write down three events of sliding filament model of muscle contraction.
(vi) What do you mean by rigor mortis?
(vii) Define limbic system. Give its two functions.
(viii) Compare dendrites with axone.
(ix) Define acromegaly. Give its cause.
(x) Define labour pain.
(xi) Differentiate between oogenesis and spermatogenesis in human beings.
(xii) Describe the role of pituitary gland during menstrual cycle.
Q.3 Attempt any EIGHT Short questions. (8x2=16)
(i) State the role of quality of light on plant growth.
(ii) Define nucleosome. Name proteins which it contains and mention their role.
(iii) State the two unique features of DNA polymerase iii.
(iv) Define point mutations. Give one example.
(v) Compare G1 with G2 phase.
(vi) Differentiate between apoptosis and necrosis.
(vii) Define linkage group and mention two linkage groups in human.
(viii) Describe two major types of diabetes mellitus.
(ix) Define nullo gametes.
(x) Explain hydrothermal vents.
(xi) What are vestigial organ. Give it two examples?
(xii) Define evolution.

Q.4 Attempt any SIX Short questions. (6x2=12)
(i) What are palindromic sequences?
(ii) Define Genomic library and how it can be made.
(iii) Compare autecology and synecology.
(iv) Define Nitrogen cycle. Enlist its three main steps.
(v) Compare primary succession with secondary succession.
(vi) Differentiate between thal and thar.
(vii) Write about limnetic zone of fresh water lakes.
(viii) What are pollutants?
(ix) Differentiate between aforestration and reforestation.
Attempt any three questions. (8x3=24)
(a) Explain nature of excretory products in relation to habitats.
(b) Write a note on green house effect.
(a) What is bone fracture? Describe four phases of repairing of bone.
(b) Explain four major factors affecting gene frequency.