Q.1. Choose the correct option i.e. A, B, C, D and rewrite it in the blank box, opposite to each part.
i. Branch of chemistry deals with study of Hydrocarbons is called______________
A. Inorganic B. Organic C. Bio D. Physical
ii. Which of the following compounds have same empirical & Molecular formula?
A. C6H6 B. H2O2 C. C 6 H 12 O6 D. H2O
iii. The gram molecular mass of HNO3 is_________________.
A. 60g B. 100g C. 63g D. 98g
iv. Chemical formula for Sodium bicarbonate is____________.
A. NaCO3 B. NaHc C. NaHCO3 D. NH3
v. Atom which gains electron becomes__________________.
A. Molecule B. Free Radical C. Cat ion D. Anion
vi. Rutherford bombarded gold foil with__________________.
A. Hydrogen B. Beta Rays
C. Gamma Rays D. Alpha Rays
vii. 12
6C, 13
6C and 14
6C are the ___________ of Carbon
A. Allotropes B. Isobars C. Isotopes D. Isomers
viii. Electron radiates energy when they jump to____________________.
A. Nucleus B. Lower energy Orbit
C. Higher energy Orbit D. Valance shell
ix. The arrangement of ________ in an atom is called Electronic configuration.
A. Neutrons B. Protons C. Electrons D. None
x. There are________ periods in modern periodic table
A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8
xi. Ionization energy ________from left to right in a period.
A. Remains constant B. Decreases C. Increases D. None
xii. Group VII-A Elements are called ___________family
A. Noble Gas B. Alkali C. Transition D. HalogenModel Paper Chemistry 9th (Fresh)
Time Allowed: 2:45 Hours Marks: 32
Section B
Q.2. Attempt any eight questions.
(i) Predict the formula for the chlorides of Gallium and Indium
(ii) Define the terms.
a. Representative Elements
b. Transition Elements
(iii) What is Rutherford Model of Atom?
(iv) Give electronic configuration of Ne (Z=10) and O (Z=8)
(v) Explain the uses of Isotopes.
(vi) Differentiate between modern and Mendelev periodic law.
(vii) Define Molecular and Empirical formula of a compound.
(viii) Define an element, compound and mixture?
(ix) What is the mass of 5 mole of Ice?
(x) Define shielding effect. Does it vary in a period?
(xi) Calculate the no of protons, neutrons and electrons in the following.
a. 107
47 Ag. b. 238
92 U.
Section C Marks: 21

Q.3. Attempt any Three Questions.
I. (a) Define chemistry. State its four branches . (4+3)
(b) Calculate mass of carbon atom.
II. (a) Discuss the Periods and Groups in modern periodic table. (4+3)
(b) Calculate the number of molecules in 5 moles of C6H12O6.
III. (a) Explain Neil Bahrs model of atom. (4+3)
(b) Give the electronic configuration of Al (Z=13), Cl (Z=17), Na (Z=11).
IV. (a) Define Gram atomic mass, gram molecular mass and gram formula mass. (4+3)
(b) How many moles of CO2 are there in 7.5 X 1024 molecules of his gas?

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