Write the correct option i.e. A, B, C or D in the relevant boxes given in the front of each questions.
i. Which of the following is not a derived quantity.
A. Density B. Area C. Time D. Volume
ii. What is the mass of a girl on the earth if her mass on the moon is 50 kg.
A. 40 kg B. 60 kg C. 50 kg D. 70 kg
iii. The instrument used to measure the internal diameter of the pipe is
A. Micro Meter B. Vernier Caliper C. Cylender D. Balance
iv. The slope of displacement time graph is called
A. Acceleration B. Velocity
B. Displacement D. Speed
v. Momentum is the product of
A. Mass & Velocity B. Mass & Speed
C. Mass & Acceleration D. Mass & Force
vi. The value of “g” at the centre of the earth is
A. Maximum B. Zero
C. 1/2 g D. 1/4 g
vii. Watt is the unit of
A. Force B. Power C. Energy D. Mass
viii. Increase in pressure of a confined fluid is given by
A. Newton’s Law B. Boyl’s Law
C. Arechimedes Law D. Pascal’s Law
ix. The mathematical relation for strain is
A. F / A B. Y= Stree/Strain C. x/l D. P F/A
x. 32° F is equal to
A. 32° C B. 100° C C. 0° C D. 305° C
xi. Which of the following is the best heat conductor ?
A. Copper B. Tin C. Iron D. Plastic
xii. Which of the following numbers shows one significant digit?
A. 17 B. 6.0 C. 8 D. 1.0 x 102 Model Paper Physics 9th (Fresh)
Time Allowed: 2:45 hours for Section B & C
Section – “B” Marks: 32
Q.2. Attempt any eight questions. Each question carries four marks.
(i) Describe any four branches of Physics.
(ii) If object is stationary is its acceleration necessarily zero?
(iii) A brick falls from Bab-e-Khyber 15m high. How much time it will take to reach the ground?
(iv) When a tree is shaken, its fruit and leaves fall down why?
(v) Why does a gun man jerk on firing a bullet?
(vi) Name the seven SI base units of measurement.
(vii) Define moment of force, on what factor it depends?
(viii) What will be the weight of a body if it is raised above the earth equal to its radius?
(ix) A ball of weight 100 N is moving on a frictionless surface with velocity of 10 m/s. Compute it’s K.E?
(x) State and explain Hook’s Law.
(xi) The temperature of a normal human body is 37°C. find this temperature on the Fahrenheit scale.
Section – “C” Marks: 21

Note: Attempt any Three Questions.
Q.3. (a) Derive second equation of motion i.e. S= vit + ½ at2 by graphical method. (4+3)
(b). A cyclist stat from rest and moves with uniform acceleration of .02m/s2 after 2 minutes,
find the velocity of cyclist.
Q.4. (a) Define and Explain law of conservation of momentum with example. (4+3)
(b) What is the acceleration produced by a force of 10N exerted on an object of 3000g?
Q.5. (a) How the mass of earth can be determined with the help of law of universal gravitation. (4+3)
(b) An electric heater is heated at 250 W. Calculate the quantity of heat generated in 10 minutes.
Q.6. (a) Define and Explain Stress, Strain and young’s modulus (4+3)
(b) Calculate the pressure at a depth 100m of water, take g-10m/s2

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