Note: There are THREE sections in this paper i.e. Section A, B, and C.

Attempt Section-A on the same paper and return it to this Superintendent with the given
No marks will be awarded for Cutting, Erasing or Overwriting. Marks of identification
will lead to UFM case. Mobile Phone etc are not allowed in the Examination Hall.
Time Allowed: 20 minutes Section – A Marks 15
Q-1. Write the correct option i.e. A, B, C or D in the empty Box provided opposite to each part
i. Avenge means ……….. A. Scavenge B. Hinge C. Forgive D. Revenge
ii. One day a strange A. Noun B. Verb C. Adjective D. Pronoun
merchant came to him.
In this sentence the word “Strange” is a………
iii. “Bidden” means …….. A. Ordered B. Hidden C. Ridden D. Squandered
iv. The Policeman twirled A. Music Club B. Heavy Stick C. Sports Club D. Fans Club
his club and took a step or
two.” In this sentence
the word “Club” means…….
v. Over population A. Are abundant B. Are easily C. Fall short D. Are
arises when the available of meeting squandered
resources in a country …….. the needs
vi. Over population A. Global B. Rural C. Local D. Pleasant
is a …… problem
vii. I then called the A. Shock B. Fear C. Threat D. Laughter
cook and said
“Hold me while I
faint” this sentence
is taken from the income
tax-man. In this sentence
“Hold me while I faint” means
I may faint because of ……….
viii.Determined means….. A. Irresolute B. Firm C. Infirm D. Staggering
ix. His …. clothes had A. Course B. Coarse C. Chorus D. Curse
often patches on them
x. Non-smokers …… A. Fairly B. Rarely C. Dearly D. Clearly
get cancer.
xi. Who are more A. Smokers B. Players C. Dancers D. Non-
at risk for lung cancer? Smokers
those who live with…..
xii. What yang mother A. Business B. Rearing animals C. Worked in D. weaving
did to get him good office. Cloth.
xiii.My little horse must A. Strange B. Range C. familiar D. Happy
think it queer. In this
line “Queer” means…..
xiv.How did Edison A. By running B. By his own C. By Showing D. By
inspire people? away from example wealth Quarreling
school with others
xv. Edison’s secret of A. Less B. More C. Heavy D. Deep
success was …… sleep
Roll Number
Words: ______________
_____________________ MODEL PAPER English
(10TH FRESH – 2014)

Note: Time allowed for Section – B and Section – C is 2 hrs. 40 Min
Marks: 36
Q.2. Answer any Five parts. Each part carries equal marks (15)

i. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) kept waiting for three days. Elaborate the
ii. What did the gardener tell Al Mansour ?
iii. What is the climax of the story “ After Twenty Years”?
iv. What do you understand by Overpopulation?
v. How did liaquat Ali khan praise his wife?
vi. What did the envelope contain?
vii. Why did Hazrat Umar (RA) apologize to the woman?
Q.3. Paraphrase one of the following. (05)
(i) And all day long the sun
Plays hide and seek with shadows
Till the multiplying shadows turn to one
And night is here
(ii) My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farm house near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year
Q.4. Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions
given at the end. (04)
He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.
Questions: (i) What does the horse do with its bells?
(ii) What is the horse trying to ask?
(iii) What other sound is there?
(iv)What is the name of the poet and poem? Q.5. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions
given at the end. (05)
Three seconds after a person starts smoking a cigarette, his heart beats faster, his
blood pressure rises, and a portion of the oxygen in his blood is replaced by a harmful
gas. Cancer causing chemicals also fill his lungs every time he inhales the smoke.
Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar are the most dangerous substances in cigarette
(i) After how much time a cigarette smoking person’s heart beats faster?
(ii) What happens to such a person’s blood pressure?
(iii) What replaces a portion of the oxygen in his blood?
(iv) What else fills his lungs with every puff of smoke?
(v) What dangerous substances are there in a cigarette smoke?
Q.6. (a) use any two pair of words in your own sentences.
(i) Pair, Fair (ii) Pen, Pin (iii) Ran, Rain (iv)Past , Fast (04)
(b) use any three phrases in your own sentences.
(i) Look into (ii) Think over (iii) Sneak in (iv) Look at (03)
Marks: 24
Q.7. Write an essay of 200 words on any one of the following topics? (10)
(i) House on fire (ii) My favorite game
(iii) Helping others

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Q.8. Translate the following into Urdu? (08)
(a) It is some times asked, “Didn’t he ever fail?” The answer is yes. Thomas
Edison knew failure frequently.
(i) His successes are well known.
(ii) Ma Chang was a lazy pupil at school.
(iii) I am a servant of Allah and his people.
(iv) The great Caliph led a very simple life.