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Time Allowed: 15 minutes Marks: 12
Q.I. Write the correct option i.e. A, B, C or D in the empty box provided opposite to each part.
(i) Gaseous exchange in
the lungs happens by
the process of:
A. Diffusion B. Osmosis C. Exocytosis D. Active
(ii) In human kidney, the
pyramid types of
structures are seen in:
A. Medulla B. Pelvis C. Hilus D. Cortex
(iii) Nervous layer of eye
is called:
A. Retina B. Choroid C. Cone cells D. Cornea
(iv) The vertebral column
consists of….
A. 32 B. 33 C. 34 D. 35
(v) Counting the number
of seeds in a fruit will
give an indication of
the number of:
A. Stamens B. Carpals C. Ovules D. Pollen tubes
(vi) Nucleic Acid contains: A. Iron B. Potassium C. Phosphorus D. Sulphur
(vii) The sum of all Earth’s
ecosystem is called:
A. Biosphere B. Hydrosphere C. Lithosphere D. Stratosphere
(viii) Chemical Knives/
molecular scissors of
DNA are:
A. Polymerase B. Restriction
C. Transcriptasses D. Ligase
(ix) Natural selection
operates to produce
changes in:
A. Population B. Phyla C. Races D. Individuals
(x) All of the following are
classes of Antibiotics
A. Morphines B. Tetracycline C. Penicillins D. Sulfonamides
(xi) Where do plants get
the carbon they use to
make organic
A. Oxygen B. Water C. Glucose D. Carbon
(xii) If all offspring of a
cross have the
genotype Aa, the
parents of the cross
would most likely be:
A. AA x aa B. Aa x Aa C. Aa x aa D. AA x Aa MODEL PAPER BIOLOGY
(10TH FRESH – 2014
Note: Time allowed for Section-B and Section-C is 2 Hours and 45 minutes
Section-B Marks: 32
Q.II. Attempt any EIGHT parts. Each part carries FOUR marks.
1. Differentiate between Inspiration and Expiration?
2. How skin help in homeostasis?
3. Define Neuron. Describe the structure and function of a typical neuron?
4. Draw neat and labeled diagram of Human eye?
5. Differentiate between Adrenaline and Nor-Adrenaline hormones?
6. Define Joints. Classify the types of joints and give specific example for each type
7. Write note on Apomixes and Cloning?
8. Differentiate between Incomplete Dominance and Co-dominance?
9. Write short notes on: Urbanization and Deforestation?
10. Write down the Importance of Biotechnology?
11. Differentiate between Antibiotics and Vaccines?
Section-C Marks: 21
Note: Attempt any THREE questions. All questions carry equal marks. Draw neat and labeled diagrams where
Q.III. (a) Describe any Two Respiratory diseases? (4)
(b) Write short note on Dialysis?. (3)
Q.IV. (a) Define Chemical Coordination? Describe the Structure and Function of Pituitary gland? (4)
(b) Write note on Ozone layer depletion (3)
Q.V. (a) Describe the Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment with the help of checker board? (4)
(b) Write note on Food Chain? (3)
Q.VI (a) Describe any four Characteristics of Insect Pollinated (Entomophilous) Flowers? (4)
(b) Describe “Carbon Cycle” in detail