Peshawar Board 10th Class Model Paper for Chemistry For 2015 Examination

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Model Paper for Chemistry 10th (Fresh)
Note: Time allowed for Section B and Section C is 2 Hours and 45 Minutes.
SECTION B Marks: 32
Q.2. Attempt any EIGHT parts. Each part carries FOUR marks.
i. What is meant by equilibrium constant? Give its units.
ii. What are strong acids and strong bases? Give examples.
iii. Describe neutralization reaction with examples.
iv. How alkenes are prepared?
v. Write briefly the composition of Nucleic acids.
vi. What are the physical properties of Ozone?
vii. Water is a universal Solvent. Briefly explain?
viii. How sodium carbonate is commercially prepared?
ix. Describe briefly bonding in protein molecule.
x. What is meant by Global warming?
xi. What are the physical properties of Alkanes?

SECTION C Marks: 21
Note: Attempt any Three questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Q.3. (a) What are Salts? Give its types.
(b) What are the various concepts about acids and bases?
Q.4. (a) Give general characteristics of organic compounds.
(b) Write any two methods for preparation of Alkynes.
Q.5. (a) Write balanced chemical equations for the chemical reaction of water with:
(ii) F (iii) C (iv) 
(b) What do you mean by hard water? How hardness of water is removed?
Q.6. (a) Describe classification of carbohydrates.
(b) Write short note on the importance of Atmosphere.