fbise Syllabus and Model Question Papers For Class X For 2015 Exam

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For Class X (marks 75)
S. No. Name of Lesson S. No. Name of Lesson
01. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as
an Educationist
02. Festivals of Pakistan
03. The Difference Between a Brain
and a Computer
04. Blessings of God (Poem)
05. Hazrat Ayesha (RA) 06. Transport
07. Human Rights and Madinah
08. A Nation’s Strength (Poem)
09. A Father’s Advice 10. Hazrat Ali’s (RA) Humanism
11. Handicrafts of Pakistan 12. The Menace of Drugs
13. The Character of a Happy Life
14. Simplicity
15. Traffic Education 16. Letter Writing
17. A Fragment (Poem) 18. A Little Word (Poem)
19. Two Wedding Ceremonies 20. My Mother (Poem)
21. The Great Leader
01. Sentence and sentence fragments 02. Difference between a clause and a
03. Participles and infinitives 04. Types of nouns, pronouns and
05. Tenses 06. Vocabulary: Synonyms, antonyms,
one word substitutes, general
07. Spellings 08. Change of narration (sentences)
09. Phrasal verbs 10. Homonyms (pair of words)
11. Formal letter/application 12. Essay writing
13. Comprehension of unseen
passage and summary writing

English 10
Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore
1. New English Grammar and Composition
Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore
2. High School English Grammar and Composition
Written By: PC Wren and H Martin
Revised by: NDV Prasada Rao

Insert the correct option i.e. A/B/C/D in the empty box provided
opposite each part.
i. Lok-Melas are arranged to develop a sense of:
A. Selfishness
B. Brotherhood
C. Disharmony
D. Chaos
ii. Computer only solves problems that are:
A. Exceptional
B. Complicated
C. Programmed
D. Simple
iii. On what does our cottage industry mainly depend?
A. Folk Lore
B. Climate
C. Inherited Skills
D. Government Patronage
Page 1 of 4
In the poem “My Mother” the poetess says that she can never
cease to be:
A. Kind and affectionate
B. Loving and admiring
C. Helpful and affectionate
D. Respectful and affectionate
v. In the poem “A Little Word” the phrase “a budding flower”
refers to:
A. a child
B. a new flower
C. a new idea
D. the youth
vi. Which of the following is not a sentence?
A. Tall trees provide shade.
B. Many plants grow in a forest.
C. Threatened by insect pests.
D. Oak is a valuable hardwood.
vii. Which of the following is not a concrete noun?
A. Inventor
B. City
C. Calendar
D. Progress
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“The woman found herself a book of folk tales.” Which type
of pronoun the underlined word is?
A. Indefinite pronoun
B. Relative pronoun
C. Reflective pronoun
D. Emphatic or intensive pronoun
ix. “The stadium had an electronic scoreboard.” The underlined
word is a/an:
A. Linking verb
B. Helping verb
C. Complement
D. Action verb
x. “We have watched the latest movie.” Which tense is it?
A. Present indefinite
B. past continuous
C. Present perfect
D. Future perfect
xi. “The soaring plane flew at the height of 120 feet.” The
underlined word is a/an:
A. Participle used as adjective
B. Gerund
C. Participle used as verb
D. Abstract noun
xii. “Mountain climbers certainly place in danger their lives.”
Which of the following words can replace the underlined
A. Spoil
B. Glorify
C. Risk
D. Lose
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“He always ridicules my ideas.” What does the underlined
word mean?
A. Makes fun
B. Appreciates
C. Criticizes
D. Draws upon
xiv. “A satisfied worker usually works with great zeal.” Which
of the following words convey opposite meaning to the
underlined word?
A. Enthusiasm
B. Lack of interest
C. Happiness
D. Boredom
xv. Choose the correct spelling:
A. Deligence
B. Daligence
C. Diligence
D. Delligence
For Examiner’s use only