Federal Board Islamabad FBISE 9th Class Class Economics For 2015

For Class X (marks 75)
1. Economic Legacy of Pakistan
i. British occupation of Indo- Pak sub continent and its economic effects.
ii. Economic problems of Pakistan at the time of independence.
– Agricultural backwardness.
– Industrial backwardness.
– Population Pressure and migration.
– Backwardness in trade and banking.
– Low per capita income.
2. Money
i. Barter system and its difficulties.
ii. Money-definition and functions.
iii. Kinds of Money-metallic, paper and credit (examples from Pakistan).
iv. Value of Money-(More explanation of the term).
3. Banks
i. Definition.
ii. Kinds of banks.
iii. Difference between a Central and Commercial Bank.
4. Trade
i. Distinction between domestic and Foreign trade
ii. Advantages and disadvantages of foreign trade.
iii. Major imports and exports of Pakistan.
5. Public Finance
i. Public and private Finances
ii. Budget-definition
iii. Public revenue, expenditure and public debt (definition)
6. Economic Development since Independence
i. Agricultural Sector.
ii. Industrial Sector.
iii. Trade & Banking Sector.
7. Islamic Economic System
Basic concepts of:
i. Zakat
ii. Usher
iii. P.L.S. Account (Profit Loss Sharing Account) RECOMMENDED REFERENCE BOOKS FOR CLASS X
The question papers will be syllabus oriented. However, the following books are
recommended for reference and supplementary reading:
1. Economics
Sindh Textbook Board, Jamshoro
2. Economics
Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore (2000)
3. Economics
Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore (2005)
4. Fundamentals of Economics
Habibullah Waseer
R.Z Packages, Lahore
5. Basic Economics
Khawaja Abdul Haleem
Khawaja and Khawaja, Islamabad
6. Economic Survey of Pakistan
Govt. of Pakistan, Finance Division
Economic Adviser’s Wing, Islamabad
7. Elementary Economics
Ilyas Siddiqui
Kafayat Academy, Lahore
8. Assool-e-Maashiat
Chaudhary Manzoor Ali
Ilmi Book Depot, Lahore

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