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Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Saidu Sharif Swat Model Paper 2015 Biology (10th)

Total Time: 3 Hours Max: Marks: 65
Note: There are THREE Sections of this Paper i.e. A.B and C, attempt each according to the given instructions.
Time: 20 Minutes SECTION-A Marks: 12
Note: Attempt all parts of Section A. Section A must be return to the superintendent after 20 minutes
even if you have not attempted any question. Overwriting/ defacing/Cutting etc is prohibited in
Section-A and no credit will be given to such answer.
I. Write the correct option i.e. A/B/C/D in the empty boxes.
i. In human kidney the pyramid shape structure are seen in ___________.
(A) Cortex (B) Medula (C) Pelvis (D) Hilus
ii. The scientific name of vocal box in man is___________.
(A) Pharynx (B) Larynx (C) Trachea (D) Bronchus
iii. Large number of stomata are present on the upper surface of ___________.
(A) Mesophytes (B) Xerophytes (C) halophytes (D) Hydrophytes
iv. The functional unit of respiratory system is ___________.
(A) Bronchi (B) Alveoli (C) Trachea (D) Larynx

v. Cervical vertebrae are present in ___________.
(A) Chest region (B) Between the lower limb
(C) Neck (D) None of these
vi. Counting the number of seeds in fruits will give an indication of the number of
(A) Petals (B) Stamens (C) Pollen grains (D) Ovules
vii. The seeds absorb water during germination through ___________.
(A) Hilium (B) Micropyle (C) testa (D) Tegmen
viii. Nucleosome is the unit of ___________.
(A) Chromatin (B) Nucleus (C) Chromosomes (D) Autosomes
ix. Natural selection operates to produce changes in ___________.
(A) Individuals (B) Population (C) Rates (D) Phyla
x. The animals which get from plants are ___________.
(A) Consumers (B) Producer (C) Predator (D) Decomposer
xi. Alcohol is the fermented product of ___________.
(A) Yeast (B) Cheese (C) Milk (D) Vitamins
xii. Vaccines can be administered through ___________.
(A) Injection (B) Mouth (C) Nose (D) Both A and B

Model Pape
Biology (10th)

Note: Time allowed for section B and C is 2 hours and 40 minutes.

SECTION B Marks: 32
II. Attempt any EIGHT Parts out of the following. Each Part carries equal marks.
i. Differentiate b/w Respiration and Breathing
ii. State weather there is any similarity b/w gas exchange on surface of leaves and lungs.

` iii. Draw label diagram of human skin.

iv. What are the various parts of Nephron?

v. What will happen if islets of langerhans secrete insulin but not glucagon?
vi. Define joints what are their types.
vii. Why it said that seed is dormant embryo why plants produce seed.

viii. What is the difference b/w incomplete dominance and co-dominance?
ix. What is symbiosis describe its types.
x. What could be the draw backs of using single cell proteins?

xi. How antibiotics and vaccines differ from each other.

SECTION C Marks: 21
Note: Attempt any THREE questions of the following. Each question carries equal Marks.
III. Describe the structure and function of human brain with diagram.

IV.(a) Define seed germination. Describe their types.
(b) What are the advantages of internal fertilization?

V. Describe the Mendels law of independent assortment with checker board.

VI. Write short note on the following.
(a) Biotic components of ecosystem.