MCM301 Communication skills Spring 2014 Current and Past Mid Term Papers at One Place From June 07 to June 18, 2014

Some Questions From Past Paper

What do you understand by an order letter?

What factors are important to achieve balance between logical appeal and emotional appeal?

Suppose you are going to Bhurban for the sake of some conference and plan to stay in PC Bhurban. For this purpose, you send an e-mail to the hotel management for the reservation of a room. What important information you will provide them in your mail and why?

Inside address is an essential part of a business letter. Explain what is an 'inside address' with the help of an example?

Enlist the five tools that can be used to persuade the audience in a persuasive message.

MCQs = 22 ( From past papers as well as new)

3 Qs = 3 Marks

2 Qs = 5 Marks

Q: it is easy to communicate with peer level or with friends. Discuss

Q: Define Citation

Q: What is Impromptu Speech. Discuss

Q: Question about U Formation

Q: Aik question yad nahe aa raha i think informative speech ma sa tha..

All Mcqs from past papers

Q1. How different levels of meaning in a word are important? Discuss (3 marks)

Q2. What is citation? (3 marks)

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Q3. What are ceremonial speeches.Give examples. (3 marks)

Q4. Differentiate between inductive and deductive order of speech? (5 marks)

Q4. Two skillful responses in effective presentation are Affirmation and Answer. Discuss.

(5 marks)