It has made several changes and improve their version for this. changes that they have made are given below
We are proud to announce the release of the vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.9. This version is covers a number of issues for iOS compliance. There are a number of issues resolved for both the iOS and Android versions. The Mobile Suite is available for all versions of vBulletin that support the Mobile Api.

iOS Improvements
[VBI-879] - selecting post then pressing move in moderate options closes the app iOS vb3 1.4
[VBI-1165] - In German language settings buttons are in french language
[VBI-1171] - Formatting buttons are not visible/hidden
[VBI-1173] - Some activity stream items don't load all the info
[VBI-1194] - Create Thread Screen - View is not correct / Predictive Keyboard
[VBI-1195] - Landscape Mode Alerts displayed incorrectly
[VBI-1198] - Formatting buttons are not visible/hidden for small screens
[VBI-1166] - iOS 8 Compliance

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Android Improvements
[VBA-535] - Text in buttons are misaligned
[VBA-559] - "Messages" option on the User Profile results confusing with the Private Messages
[VBA-560] - "Unknown error. Error code - user_name_x_already_in_use_choose_different_one"
[VBA-563] - Notices are not working
[VBA-565] - The user avatar will not be displayed on the top
[VBA-576] - Username prediction won't work for Private Messages
[VBA-591] - The app version is not displayed correctly
[VBA-596] - Remove JumpTap Library

The Mobile Publisher has been updated to handle these changes.