Media should be given access to the marking centres
Marking should not start without marking schemes/ rubrics provided by PEC
Papers should be marked according to the marking schemes/ rubrics
Version wise marking should be ensured
Each Head examiner should recheck only one version of papers
The specified percentage ( 10%) of randomly selected marked papers should invariably be rechecked by head examiners
Award list should be prepared
Version should invariably be mentioned on the award list
The award list should be secured from the possibility of tempering by pasting transparent tape
While submitting the original copy to the concerned CTSC head a copy of award list must be sent to the EDO( Edu)
While sticking to the timelines process of marking should not be hurried to ensure quality
A sample based rechecking will be done by an independent party to check the correctness and quality of marking.
TEs should facilitate the process of marking according to SOPs throughout.

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