Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RH254 Red Hat System Administration III
1. Controlling Network Services and Daemons
2. Managing IPV6 Networking
3. Configuring Link Aggregation and Bridging
4. Network Port Security
5. Managing DNS for Servers
6. Configuring Email Transmission
7. Providing Remote Block Storage
8. Providing File-based Storage
9. Configuring MariaDB Databases
10. Providing Apachi HTTPD Web Service
11. Writing Bash Scripts
12. Bash Conditional and Control Structures
13. Configuring the Shell Environment
14. Linux Containers and Docker

Course Fee: 400$ For International Participants Course fee is 1000$
Location: Office 8 3rd floor Ahmad Center, Near
Bank Alfalah. I-8 Markaz Islamabad Pakistan.
I wonder if you could refer come participants for the course.

Contact :Badi Uz Zaman
Phone: 03215765759

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