All Punjab EDOs Conference was held at DSD on 19.3.2015 with the Secretary School Education, Mr Abdul Jabbar Shaheen in the Chair. As per decision, Quality Drive Initiative and NEW TIME TABLE will be implemented in all 36 districts of Punjab with effect from 01.04.2015. Under Quality Drive Initiative:
1. DTSC head and EDO (Education) concerned will sit together and allot 2 standalone primary schools to each DTEs and AEOs/DDEOs/DEOs respectively for 2 months (1 April to 31 May 2015) separately to improve Urdu, English and Maths of class 1-3.
2. DTEs/AEOs etc will visit their adopted schools each Monday and Saturday. They will assign tasks to adopted schools teachers as per QD Standards for Class 1-3; on Saturday, they will review the tasks.
3. They themselves will give model lessons on each visit to class 1/2/3.
4. They will focus on the STANDARDS given exclusively for each class.
5. After two months, they will adopt next two schools for next two months: 1 September-31 October 2015; then next two schools for 1 November - 31 December 2015 and then next two schools for 1 January 2016 - 29 February 2016. At the end of each TWO-MONTHS term, internal assessment test will be conducted.
6. TIME TABLE FOR CLASS 1-3 is also enclosed for implementation from 1 April 2015 with the focus on REVISION, WRITING (English/Urdu), Physical Exercise etc.
7. Quality Drive Presentation which was presented at EDOs Conference and New Time Table for Class 1-3 are enclosed for strict adherence to. It is advised that meeting of DTEs/AEOs etc may be called for adoption and allotment of schools under QD; Presentation on QD may be given to them with clear objectives of Drive and Copy of New Time Table may be handed over to each for implementation in schools w.e.f. 01.04.2015.

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