Hope CPD activities are going on as per plan and with the impetus required in the field. Following directions are being issued with a view to keep all of you on board and refresh regarding assignments:
1. All 36 DTSC heads of Punjab will participate in Re-launching ceremony of CM Roadmap as already informed on30.3.2015 at Lahore.
2. Process of allotment of 2 standalone primary schools to DTEs/AEOs etc in coordination with EDO/DEOs be completed before 31st March 2015 and communicate the same to DSD.
3. Three CTSC heads will give presentations separately on finance, management, DTEs working, effective field visits, better management of field trainings, PD days of DTEs and PSTs, effective working of CTSC heads, principles of effective mentoring, assessment as a tool of improvement, use and management of CTSC file, responsibilities of DTSC/CTSC heads, success stories of CPD, areas that need improvement in CPD, some tips: helping PSTs work better, usage of MVF in real classroom improvement, what is expected from HT/PST/DTE etc, DTEs preparation for mentoring in schools, DTEs diary writing, ways and means to encourage others, whether HTs feel overburden: identifying priorities --------- . DTSC heads are requested to prepare a presentation plan of all CTSC heads after consultation with them; share with all, guide the presenters and display the same in training room and DTSC/CTSC heads offices.
4. Ensure that newly placed DTEs join and participate mandatory induction training w.e.f. 3.3.2015 at divisional DTSCs as per plan already communicated. It is categorically expected from MTs to focus on identified areas, well prepared in WRITTEN FORM FOR EACH SESSION, with focused activities. This is the time to tell what DSD expects from DTEs in the field and how to achieve it. I wish each master trainer of DTEs maintains a personal manual, enumerating each step of training with clear objectives.
5. Divisional DTSC head will ensure that DTEs are not left un-attended during computer session of DTEs. More TEs may be engaged in the computer lab to assist DTEs learn individually. For a group of 5 DTEs in computer lab, one TE is proposed.
6. All field officers are requested to stick to their visit plan; display the same in HT office with main achievements and observations in the field.
7. Prior to summer vacation, months of April and May are very important to invest all our efforts and full energy for TEACHING and MENTORING. Special focus is to be given to QUALITY DRIVE in your district.
8. PI display and implement new Time Table for class 1-3 in its true sense for holistic development of our students.
9. All dedicated DTSC heads are expected to give preference to CPD activities in the field.
10. Pl maintain daily liaision with EDO Education and his team to get final lists of newly recruited educators by31.3.2015 so that induction training of educators be started as per plan.
11. Pl arrange a good meeting with all your TEs/DTEs to apprise them of their specific tasks regarding new time table/ new books of class 1-3, PD days, QD etc.

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