No. SO (SF:-1V) 2-13/2014 GOVERNMENT 014"111E PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Dated Lahore, March 18, 2015
1. All the District Coordination Officers, in Punjab.
2. All the Executive District Officers (Mu), in Punjab.
3. The Principals, GCETs, in Punjab.
In continuation of this Department's Policy letter of even number dated March 17, 2015, the Chairmen, District Recruitment Committee / Executive District Officers (Edu) are requested to furnish double copy of advertisement for recruitment of School Guards under Recruitment Policy 2015 for vetting from the Department prior to publishing in daily Newspaper. Specimen of advertisement is at Annex-A. 2. While vetting the adVertisements, the district shall submit lists of A' (most sensitive schools declared by Special Branch) and Special A Category of Schools (having students 500 or above) which are as under:
a) Located within the municipal limits of Earstwhile Metro Politian Corporation, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Committee and Town Committees; b) Located on National Highways, Provincial Highways, Inter-district roads, Inter-Tchsil roads; and c) Any other school added by the District Educational Institution's Security Committee on the recommendations of Special Branch. 3. Further information on the following lbrinat shall he submitted to the Department: eaQC1; of school
Special A Category
No..of Girls No. of No. of Boys No. of Boys No. of any Total School Girls School School other located in School located in located on sensitive Municipal limits located on Highways Municipal limits highways schools

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