Entry Test Sample for MSCS ProgramWeightage Distribution:SectionNo. Section Title WeightI English 25%II Mathematics 25%III Computer Science 50%Section No. I - EnglishSyllabus:1. Analytical Abilitya) Logical Reasoning (5%)b) Analytical Reasoning (5%)2. Verbal Abilitya) Sentence Completion (Grammar) (5%)b) Analogy (5%)c) Antonyms (5%)Sample Test Questions1. “A meadow in springtime is beautiful, even if no one is there to appreciate it.”This statement would be a logical opposite to which of the following claims?A. People will see only what they want to see.B. Beauty exits only in the eyes of the beholder.C. Beauty does not depend on seasons.D. The greatest pleasure available to mankind is the contemplation of beauty.2. A map representing countries R, S, W, X, Y and Z is to be drawn. Adjacent countries cannothave the same color in the map. The countries adjacent to each other are as follows:A. Each of R, S, X and Y is adjacent to W.B. X is adjacent to Y.C. Each of R and S is adjacent to Z.Which of the following is a pair of countries that can be the same color?A. R and S B. S and W C. W and X D. X and Y3. Many surveys _____ out the idea that effective communication is essential for success andpromotion in every field.A. are bearing B. should have borne C. has borne D. have bornePage 2 of 44. IMAGINE : IMAGINATIONA. Therapy : Thermometer C. Oblivion : ObviousB. Bowl : Bowdlerize D. Liturgy : Literature5. Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the wordDISINTEGRATE.A. Coalesce B. Pulverize C. Annihilate D. Severe C. TrounceSection No. II - MathematicsSyllabus:Each of the following topics contributes 2% to 3% towards the overall 25%. Exponents and Roots Arithmetic Inequalities Fractions and Decimals Percent’s Ratios and Proportions Polynomials Solving Equations and Inequalities Lines and Angles, rectangle, Triangles, square, Quadrilateral and other Polygons, Circles Solving Equations and Inequalities Averages, permutation, Combination, ProbabilitySample Test Questions1. 3 3 27 ( - 2 )  ?A. 24 B. -24 C. 54 D. -62. If 10 100 x  then value of x isA. 10 B. 1 C. 2 D. 33. The simplified form of 1 2 1 (5 2 ) 4      is --------A. 1/5 B. 5 C. 1/80 D. 404. Product of all numbers on a telephone dial is..............A. 0 B. 362880 C. 45 D. 3605. If the number 36 x 56 is divisible by 19, then what will be the value for x?A. 36 B. 56 C. 92 D. 196. Determine the minimum integer value of n for which3n   7 25 .A. 7 B. 6 C. 5 D. 87. If1 1 1x 3 x , then which of the following is true for x ?A. x>=3/4 B. x>=4/3 C. x>=1/4 D. x<=1/48. A mathematics class has 12 boys and 16 girls. What fraction of the class are boys?A. 12/16 B. 16/12 C. 12/28 D. 16/289. A chemical solution contains 2% of acid. If there is 5 ml of acid, the quantity of the solution is:A. 0.1ml B. 250ml C. 10ml D. 1ml10. In a tank holding 30 gallons of solution, 1 gallon is alcohol. What is the percentage ofalcohol in the solution?Page 3 of 4A. 1% B. 30% C. 3% D. 3.33%11. In the calculation of a question student multiply a number by 3/5 instead of 5/3. What is thepercentage error in the calculation?A. 60% B. 64% C. 36% D. 20%12. In a car park, the ratio of red cars to green cars is 5:7 while the ratio of green cars to bluecars is 3:8. The ratio of red cars to blue cars is:A. 40:21 B. 15:21 C. 15:56 D. 215:4013. A pile of 108 identical books weights30Kg . How many books weight 20Kg ?A. 72 B. 36 C. 80 D. 6014. If 6y=4, then (6y+3)2=………A. 7 B. 49 C. 81 D. 3615. If 2 (x y  )  2 and 2 2 x  y  2 , then xy =........A. 2 B. 1 C. 0 D. -116. If the length and breadth of a rectangle are 4 and 3 respectively. Then the length of diagonalis _____A. 7 B. 12 C. 5 D. 617. An angle of measure less than 90 degrees is called a/an -----A. Acute B. Obtuse C. Right angle D. None of these18. The sum of three consecutive numbers is 72. What is the smallest of these numbers?A. 22 B. 20 C. 21 D. 2319. If 3 4 7a b c   , then the value ofa b cc  is ---------A. 4 B. 2 C. 3 D. 720. The average savings of 2 girls and 2 boys is $250. Each girl saves $50 more than each boy.Find the savings of one boy.A. 37.5 B. 12.5 C. 8.5 D. 1.5Section No. III – Computer ScienceSyllabus Introduction to Programming (5%) Object Oriented Programming (5%) Data Structures (5%) Fundamentals of Algorithms (5%) Operating Systems (5%) Digital Logical Design (5%) Database Management Systems (5%) Software Engineering (5%) Data Communication (5%) Theory of Automata (5%)Sample Test Questions1. Which of the following functions of a class cannot be overloaded?A. Member function B. Utility function C. Constructor D. Destructor2. If the code is not properly indented, it will be:A. Logical error B. Syntax error C. Run-time error D. Not an error at allPage 4 of 43. Which of the following features of object oriented programming is used to derive a class fromanother class?A. Encapsulation B. Polymorphism C. Inheritance D. Aggregation4. Which data member of a class can be accessed without creating the object of that class?A. Private member B. Public member C. Global member D. Static member5. What will be the equivalent postfix expression for the infix expression "6 + 8/2" ?A. 6 8 / + 2 B. 6 8 2 / + C. 6 8 / 2 + D. / 8 2 + 66. If both pointers of a particular node in a binary tree are NULL, that node will be:A. Inner node B. Leaf node C. Root node D. Both pointers of a node cannot be NULL7. While considering the efficiency of an algorithm, two main measures are:A. Complexity and capacity C. Processor and memory C. Time and space D. Data and space8. The complexity of Binary search algorithm is:A. O(n) B. O(n2) C. O(log n) D. O(n log n)9. The process of switching from one process to another is called:A. Scheduling B. Context switching C. Quantum period D. Latency10. The problem of indefinite blockage of low-priority processes can be solved with the help of:A. Starvation B. Deadlock C. Aging D. Semaphore11. In a 3-variable Karnaugh Map (K-Map), total cells for min or max terms are:A. 4 B. 8 C. 12 D. 1612. Demultiplexer has:A. Multiple inputs and multiple outputs B. Multiple inputs and single outputC. Single input and single output D. Single input and multiple outputs13. What type of relationship exists between a Teacher table and Class table?A. One to one B. One to many C. Two to two D. Many to many14. Transitive dependencies are specifically not allowed in which normal form?A. First B. Second C. Third D. All of the given15. Up to 60% of all the defects found in software projects can be traced back to poor:A. Requirements B. Design C. Coding D. Testing16. Performance and usability are considered as:A. Business requirements C. Functional requirementsB. Non-functional requirements D. User requirements17. Which layer is responsible for moving frames from one hop (node) to the next?A. Physical B. Data link C. Transport D. Presentation18. Through which layer, mail services are available to network users?A. Physical B. Data link C. Transport D. Application19. In context free grammar, the symbols which cannot be replaced by anything are called:A. Terminal B. Non-Terminal C. Production D. Context20. The reverse of the string “abcabb” defined over alphabet { ab, b, c } is:A. bbacba B. babcba C. babcab D. bbacab

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