Solution of eng101 may 2015
Q1. Each of the given outlines contains ONE unrelated idea. Read the sentences or ideas
given in the “Supporting Ideas” section of the outlines, and decide which one does
not support the topic sentence. Write either the unrelated idea or its serial number in
the given blank. 10
i. Topic Sentence: My favorite food is pizza.
Supporting Ideas
1. I love the crunchy crust and the melted mozzarella cheese.
2. The best thing I like to drink with it is a giant glass of soda.
3. It’s good either as a snack or as a main course.
4. My brother only likes pizza with anchovies and artichokes on it.

Unrelated idea: --------------------------

ii. Topic Sentence: My most boring class is algebra.
Supporting Ideas
1. The formulae are too easy, and they don’t challenge me.
2. I never have a free minute to myself.
3. The teacher talks in a monotone that puts me to sleep.
4. The teacher tells the same jokes day after day.
5. Everything is in slow motion; attendance often takes up half the time.

Unrelated idea: ----------------------------

iii. Topic Sentence: This classroom is a mess.
Supporting Ideas
1. In fact, the whole school is a mess!
2. Dictionaries and papers on the floor,
3. rows of desks out of order,
4. writing on the desk tops, and
5. gum stuck on hall lockers.
6. I keep my locker clean!

Unrelated idea: -------------------------------

iv. Topic Sentence: Bowling is the perfect sport.
Supporting Ideas
1. It develops coordination.
2. I always make it a point to be a member of a bowling team.
3. Bowling helps exercise a large number of muscles.
4. It provides a chance to interact with other team members.
5. It can be played indoors at any hour, during any type of weather.

Unrelated idea: --------------------------------

v. Topic Sentence: Bill never gains too much weight.
Supporting Ideas

  1. 1. He is the best tennis player I’ve ever met.
  2. 2. Bill can eat any amount of any food he likes without putting on an ounce.
  3. 3. He can go for weeks without exercising with no apparent effect.
  4. 4. It just doesn’t seem fair!

Unrelated idea: --------------------------------

Q2. ‘In linguistics, stress is the relative emphasis that may be given to certain syllables in
a word or to certain words in a phrase or sentence. Stress changes the meaning of the
words.’ Keeping this in view, underline the stressed syllable from the bold words in
the following sentences. 5
Note: Consult a dictionary to solve this question.
Present: We will present our findings to the committee next week
Answer: Present

  1. Then the invalid became a heretic or sorcerer; as heretic or sorcerer he suffered, and sought to cause suffering. (Zarathustra by Nietzsche.)
  2. The oligarchs did not dare permit the telling of the whole truth. (The Iron Heel by Jack London)
  3. And the distinction is not quite so much against the candor and common sense of the world as appears at first; for a very narrow income has a tendency to contract the mind, and sour the temper. (Emma by Jane Austen )
  4. And the officer again made the driver a sign to proceed. (The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas)
  5. He was gone--and with him the chance was gone which had been the one object of all my labours and all my hopes. (The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins)

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