write a letter to the editor of a newspapers,commenting on the power failure in your rural area

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Through the columns of your newspapers, I wish to draw the attention of authorities concerned to a very serious problem. Electric supply in the rural areas is most un-satisfactory.the pinch is felt acutely when the tube-wells are needed more.
During the month of june last when we were hit by dust-strom,power supply remained suspended for over three weeks. the poles carrying the wires are so insecurely created that even a mild strom uproots them and electric supply is interrupted. It takes LESCO long to restore the supply because it is shore of the necessary material and labour
The officers’ incharge hardly move out to see things themselves. the job is left to the Line man or at best to the Line superintendent. The rates of electricity are being regularly raised, but no effort to improve the service is in evidence. kindly look into the matter and take some steps to provide relief