Get help in vu final project Graphical password or Graphical user authentication (GUA)

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Graphical password or Graphical user authentication (GUA)

Access to computer systems is most often based on the use of alphanumeric passwords. However, users have difficulty remembering a password that is long and random-appearing. Instead of long password user can create short, simple, but insecure passwords.
Graphical passwords have been designed to try to make passwords more memorable and easier for people to use and, therefore, more secure. Using a graphical password, users click on images rather than type alphanumeric characters. A graphical password is an authentication system that works by having the user select from images, in a specific order, presented in a graphical user interface (GUI).
• User will add personal information in signup page.
• User will upload 4 to 6 images in sequence.
• These uploaded images in order will be act like password.
• In Login page, Admin will generate more than 30 images including the user’s uploaded images.
• Admin will use library of images to include randomly generated images on user’s login interface.
• User will select in sequence uploaded images from the login interface.
• User can change his password.
• User will get login after successfully selection of uploaded images in sequence.
• Admin will keep record of all login history of each user.