Buy Smart ETL Tool virtual university final fall 2015 project
“Smart ETL Tool”
It is a desktop application which enables the user to map multiple databases to a DWH in a DBMS. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is a process used in Data Warehouse. This process Extracts the data from multiple sources, Transforms the data for storing it in proper format/structure and then Load in to DWH.

Students should have good concepts of databases (CS403) and Data Warehouse (CS614)
1. The user will first select the database/databases and DWH for mapping.

2. The software will show the summery to the user regarding the structure and metadata of the databases as well as of the DWH.

3. The software will provide the facility to the user to map the different tables and columns of database (s) to the tables and columns of DWH.

4. The software should provide the facility to extract the data from multiple databases.
4.1. Extraction can be of the following types.
4.1.1. Full Extraction
4.1.2. Incremental Extraction

5. The software should provide the facility to transform the data.
5.1. The user can select any type of transformation from the following (one or more)
5.1.1. Splitting/Joining
5.1.2. Conversion
5.1.3. Summarization
5.1.4. Enrichment

6. The software should provide the facility to load the data in to DWH.
6.1. The user can select any type of loading from the following
6.1.1. Full data refresh
6.1.2. Incremental data refresh
6.1.3. Trickle/continuous feed

Tools: Java/net Framework And Sql server

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