cs619 vu Context Aware Mobile Library Management System final fall 2017
Project Domain / Category
Web based Project
This project is web based context aware library management system. This web based context
aware library management system will provide an online interface to perform different
operations for library management like keeping records of library members, issuance of books,
search a book, keeping records of books and their status like available or borrowed and location
of the required book based on the current context of the library user.
Functional Requirements:
1. This application should keep record of its users and books.
2. Keeps record about the status of the books like “book available” or “not available”
3. The user’s previous history or session record should be maintained inside the application.
The clustering algorithm can be used to get knowledge about the user preferences.
4. The library books are identified with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) Tags .These Tags
are very helpful in tracking the location of the book in the library.
5. The library user’s gets system updates like about the arrival of the new book based on their
interests using lustering algorithm.
6. The application will generate an automatic message to the user if the book has not been
returned timely.
PHP or ASP.net , GSM Modem
Name: Noureen Hameed

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