cs619 Designing and Development of Train Seat Booking System fall 2017
Project Domain / Category
Web Application
A train seat booking system is a project that allows users to check for available seats in the
train and can even book them at the same time. It happens on festivals when people go for a ticket
purchase on railway station and they return in disappointment due to great rush of people there.
Hence the project is intended to overcome this situation by automating the manual booking
system, online.
Users can make prior bookings for desired seats for their desired train at desired time with
cost. The system provides additional optional things like food packages, discounts etc. It also
calculates all the associated charges incurred in booking the ticket and the items. This is an
advanced booking system that makes user customize their show according to their needs.
Functional Requirements:
1. The system shall provide convenient interface for User Registration. A guest user can only
check the availability of seats. The user must be able to update his profile later on.
2. The system shall require a user to register, in order to carry out any transactions with it
except for checking the availability of seats. It will ask the user for the following information
at the least - a user id, a password, first name, last name, address, phone number, email
address, sex, age, preferred credit card number.
3. The system shall provide Password Recovery facility through customer email id.
4. After logging in a user (either a registered user or a guest), the system shall request him to
enter the following details - origin city and destination city. The system should also check if
there is any ambiguity with the names of the cities.
5. After the origin and destination cities are confirmed, the system shall now access the train
schedule database.
6. There can be several trains between two cities and all of them will be listed for the
particular date that the user wants to depart from the Origin City. In case, the user has
entered a range of dates, the system shall display all the trains for all those dates in the
range. The user is now asked to check one of the boxes reflecting a choice of a train name
and time.
7. The system shall now display the price of the booked seat for the trip. This will be the sum
of the prices for all the seats of the travel
8. The system shall also list any rules regarding the cancellation of seats - what percentage of
the price will be refunded within what date ranges. This will be displayed as a table.
9. After checking availability, the system will now ask the user if he / she wishes to reserve
the seat/buy the ticket. If yes, and if the user has been a guest, he will have to first register
and become a registered user and then log onto the system.
10.If the user is already a registered user, and if he has logged on already, he can reserve
seat(s)/buy the ticket, but if he has been acting as a guest, he will have to log on.
11.Then the system should be able to confirm the user about his seats regarding his / her seats.
12.If the user wants to buy ticket right now, then the system shall be able to provide him a
printable ticket after all calculations.
Tools: .NET Technologies, SQL Server, CSS, IIS
Name: Muhammad Qamar Usman

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