Vu Final year project Digital 3D image Automated Attendance System(AAS) Fall 2017 cs619
Project Domain / Category
Android Application
The main concept is divided in two parts the first part consists of face recognition and face
detection algorithm using opencv library and the second part on which one picture will be clicked
from mobile of whole class whose attendance has to be taken and then the picture will be send
to the network then picture will be processes using face recognition and face detection algorithm.
Automated Attendance System (AAS) can be made into smarter way by using face recognition
technique, where we use a CCTV camera to be fixed at the entry point of a classroom, which
automatically captures the image of the person and checks the observed image with the face
database using android enhanced smart phone. Firstly, marking attendance for student by
comparing the face images produced recently and secondly, recognition of human who are
strange to the environment i.e. an unauthorized person. For verification of image, a newly
emerging trend 3D Face Recognition is used which claims to provide more accuracy in matching
the image databases and has an ability to recognize a subject at different view angles.
To overcome the drawbacks of the existing system, the proposed system has been evolved. This
project aims to reduce the paper work and saving time to generate accurate results from the
studentís attendance. The system provides with the best user interface. The efficient reports can
be generated by using this proposed system. It is trouble-free to use. It is a relatively fast approach
to enter attendances highly reliable, approximate result from user with best user Interface,
Efficient reporting of system. The proposed system also allows the teacher to interact with the
students using the android application. It also allows the students to check their attendance.
Functional Requirements:
1. Client can register him/herself.
2. There must be a login process for admin and clients to avoid unauthorized access.
3. System should save all the necessary information of the clients.
4. Clients can change any of their requirements any time.
5. System should record the order details.
6. There must be a list of all types of services the company is dealing with the available
7. System should display list of available properties.
8. System should ask for Deal type, Property type, Different price ranges, location, and other
necessary information related to property.
9. There website should display the photographs of the properties held by company.
10.Clients can provide feedback about services.
Non Functional Requirements
1- In the standalone application.
2- Face was captured by the webcam cameras and the detected faces are stored in folder.
3- For matching the captured images with the database, Eigen faces methodology was used.
Observance of Eigen faces method
4- Gallery images must be of same size.
5- Requires full frontal face to be presented for each time.
6- Does not endure to the variations of brightness effect, pose and different expressions of
7- Effective only for low dimensional structure of face patterns.
8- The image which doesnít match with database is given by error message.
9- Where the instructor has to take manual attendance to those unmatched student images.
Android Application
(Any modern language tools)
Name: Imran Akhtar

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