vu final project Events Information Management System falll 2017

Project Domain / Category
Web Programming
Events Information Management System (EIMS) is a web application that will allow its users to
view, add, and search for the details of events/tours/trips scheduled to be held in future and
already held in past as well. User will also be able to subscribe on the website for any latest
updates regarding the events.
The application will provide its users with the facilities of searching for an event with different
parameters such as
• Dates
• Location (by province or city)
• Charges range
• Number of days
The user will be provided with the relevant event(s) information according to the search
parameters in a properly structured form.
User will also be provided with a subscription facility, in which user will provide his/her email
address along with other necessary information so that the user may be informed via email
whenever a new event is generated or an existing one is updated.
The user will also be able to add an event which will be subjected to be approved by the admin.
Only after the approval by the admin, the event added by the user will become part of the system.
Functional Requirements:
Interface Requirements:
The website interface will have the following Menu items (with submenus)
- Home
- Submit an event
o Tour event
o Conference
o Workshop
- Search
o By Date
o By Location
o By Charges
o By Number of Days
- Subscribe
- Contact Us
Note: You can add any relevant additional menu item as well (Blog, Sitemap, About Us etc)
- Do not use very bright background colors or images. Color scheme should be compatible
and text should be clearly visible
- The search results should be properly structured in the tabular form with relevant images.
- You should display the company banner on the home page and the company logo on every
page of the website
- Other than menu items on the top of the website, you should also provide a fixed
navigation panel on the left side of the website. This navigation panel could include names
of destinations, upcoming events or any relevant option that you think may fit into it.
- The web pages will have fixed headers and footers for every web page where header may
refer to the logo and the menu items, and footer may refer to the contact us, facebook,
twitter, about us links etc.
This web application will have two main modules:
- The admin will be able toadd event details in a structured form. The event details will
• Start date and time (Including day of the week)
• End date and time (Including day of the week)
• Venue
• Participation charges (Per person)
• Relevant Images
• Day wise details (Pick up time, First destination, Stay and then leaving for 2nd
destination etc)
• Services included (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner etc)
- Admin should also be able to modify or remove any event information from the
application’s database
- Admin will have the privilege to grant or revoke subscription of any user
- Approve or reject an event added by the user
- User will be able to view all the information available on the website
- User will be able to search the information for events with different parameters
- User will be able to add an event
- User will be able to subscribe for the events and updates
Tools and Languages:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress, WAMP server, SQL, Dreamviewer, Notepad++ etc
Name: Fahad Naseem

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