Find Personal Trainer System cs619 fall 2017

1.1 Project Domain / Category
Web based application
1.2 Introduction
This system will allow users to search and select personal trainers online. Trainers will provide
their info like specialization, their location and fee. Administrator of the program will have an
overview of complete system. Users will be able to see specialization, price, location and
experience of any trainer before selecting him/her.
1.3 Stakeholders
1. Administrator
2. Personal Trainers
3. Users (who will search for Personal trainers)
Functional Requirements:
1.3.1 Administrator:
1. Administrator will have an overview of all system.
2. He will generate error logs, if something happens in the system which is an error it will be
viewed here.
3. He will have the rights to Add, Edit, Update, Delete other type of stakeholders. Personal Trainers:
1. They will register in the system and will provide following info which will be must before
completing the registration. System will make sure that following info is added by each
a. Add their specialization.
b. Add their price.
c. Add their location.
d. Add the Gyms they are associated with or if they are willing to go to any gym.
2. They must have the right to ‘Update’ their record.
3. They must have an option to see list of their customers.
4. They must have a feature to see their Calendar for upcoming classes. Users:
1. Register in the system.
2. Set a goal like weight loose, muscle building etc.
3. See a list of personal trainers depending upon price.
4. Sort and filter the list.
5. Contact the personal trainer.
6. Alerts for upcoming sessions.
7. Review for personal trainer.
8. Update their information.
1.4 Tools
• PHP Based
o WAMP/ XAMPP server, MySQL, Html Editors (Dream viewer, Notepad++)
• .Net Based
o SQL Server / Azure server, Visual Studio
Name: NabeelAmjad

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