You are required to do the following tasks from the SRC pipelined instructions given below:

1) Identify the hazard from the below given sequence of instructions (going through the pipelined version of SRC).
2) Identify the location of hazard from the below sequence of instructions.
3) Explain how above identified hazard can be resolved?
4) Resolve the hazard by using hazard-resolving mechanism.

SRC pipelined instructions:

200: ld r7, r6, 65
204: str r8, 43
208: shl r4, 5
212: shr r2, 5
216: add r5, r3, 48
220: sub r1, r9, r5

Let us suppose, we have an I/O bus that can transfer 2 bytes of data in one bus cycle. If a system designer is going to attach the following two components to the I/O bus:

Graphics card with a transfer rate of 20 Mbytes/sec
Network card with a transfer rate of 40 Mbytes/sec

What will be the implications for the above scenario after adding two components (Graphic and Network card) to I/O bus?

Note: The maximum frequency of the bus is 20 MHz.

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