Question: 01 (Marks: 10)

In Java programming language declaring array is reference to array object, it means declaring an array would only declare a pointer to array object while the memory to array elements will allocate only when the “new” keyword is used.
Write a Java program which declares an array of size 5. This array stores the marks of five courses of a student. Use “for” loop which add the marks of all courses. Your program must display marks of individual courses as well as the total marks of the student.

Question: 02 (Marks: 10)

Write a program in Java which declares a class named “Employee” having three data members “Emp_name”, “Designation” and “Salary” which store employee name, designation and salary respectively.
The class should have default constructor, parameterize constructor and a method “Display” which print the information of employee.

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Further, your program should have a main class “TestEmployee” which declare (create) two objects one with default constructor and one with parameterized constructor. Also call “Display” method with both objects.