Aslam o Alaikum to all brothers and sisters.I hope everyone is fine. I need some help on the Key Books for the following programs

(Punjab University)

MA English

Part I :-
Paper I (Classical Poetry)
Paper II (Drama)
Paper III (Novel)
Paper IV (Prose)
Paper V (American Literature)

Part II :-
(Compulsory Papers)

Paper I Poetry II
Paper II Drama II
Paper III Novel II
Paper IV Literary Criticism

(Optional Papers)

Paper V Short Stories

& BA Mathematics A & B

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Mathematics A

Calculus and Analytical Geometry

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Mathematics B

Vector and Mechanics

Mathematical Methods, Group Theory and Metric Spaces

if any brother and sister can tell me which Authers Key Books (Guides) are best for the subjects given above then I will be very thankful to you. Please I need your help in this matter. I only want information on Key Books (Guides)

Allah Almighty bless you all

thanks in advance