Headquarters of UNO are situated at

A. New York, USA (Answer)
B. Hague (Netherlands)
C. Geneva
D. Paris

First International Peace Congress was held in London in

A. 1564 AD
B. 1798 AD
C. 1843 AD (Answer)
D. 1901 AD

For seeing objects at the surface of water from a submarine under water, the instrument used is

A. kaleidoscope
B. periscope (Answer)
C. spectroscope
D. telescope

Dr. Zakir Hussain was

A. the first Muslim president of India (Answer)
B. first vice president of India
C. first president of Indian National Congress
D. first speaker of Lok Sabha

G-15 is an economic grouping of

A. First World Nations
B. Second World Nations
C. Third World Nations (Answer)
D. Fourth World Nations

Fathometer is used to measure

A. Earthquakes
B. Rainfall
C. Ocean depth (Answer)
D. Sound intensity

For galvanizing iron which of the following metals is used?

A. Aluminium
B. Copper
C. Lead
D. Zinc (Answer)

Economic goods are

A. all commodities that are limited in quantity as compared to their demand .. (Answer)
B. Commodities that is available according to their demand
C. Commodities that is available more as compared to demand
D. None of the above

For purifying drinking water alum is used

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A. for coagulation of mud particles (Answer)
B. to kill bacteria
C. to remove salts
D. to remove gases

Hockey was introduced in the Asian Games in

A. 1958 in Tokyo (Answer)
B. 1962 in Jakarta
C. 1966 in Bangkok
D. 1970 in Bangkok

ESCAP stands for

A. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (Answer)
B. European Society Council for Africa and Pacific
C. Economic and Social Commission for Africa and Pacific
D. None of the above

Firdausi was

A. a poet
B. well known for his epic 'Shahnama'
C. Both option A and B (Answer)
D. None of the above