Please read the following instruction carefully before preparing the assignment solution:
Be very specific and focused on the issue while answering a question.
Your answer should not exceed 200 words.
Learning objective:
To create understanding about John W. Atkinson three needs theory
To create understanding of three needs theory in organizational context
A government body is not achieving its targets timely and the major reason behind the
situation is poor strategies of its Director Mr. Hasan. He is that type of personality who
always shows agreement with the group members because of his social nature. Mr. Hasan
is good at handling conflicts yet his first priority is to avoid uncertainty for smooth
running of the operations. In order to cope up with the situation of delayed targets, a
meeting was being called and resultantly two new personnel Mr. Ayaz and Mr. Ahmad
were being appointed. Mr. Ahmad analyzed the situation and tried to control the workers
by exertion of authority and set new targets. Mr. Ahmad developed competitive strategies and influence others for timely completion of projects. Mr. Ayaz always welcomes
regular feedback from lower level staff and accomplished goals.
Assignment Question:
Recall John W. Atkinson three needs theory and identify which of the basic driver or
motivator is dominant in above mentioned personalities. Elaborate with proper reasoning.
Use following format to prepare your assignment:

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