CS101 Question No: 1
Analytical Engine is ------------------
► An electrical machine
► A digital machine
► An analog machine
► A special purpose machine

CS101 Question No: 2

Website design should NOT be __________.
► Unified
► Complex
► Consistent
► Predictable

CS101 Question No: 3

TCP stands for ___________.
► Total communication protocol
► Transmission control protocol
► Transfer control protocol
► Transfer collection protocol

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CS101 Question No: 4 ( M a r k s: 1 )

A vocabulary and set of grammatical rules for instructing a computer to perform specific tasks is called
► Software
► Programming language
► Device driver
► Interpreter

CS101 Question No: 5 ( M a r k s: 1 )

A _________ is a meaningful, easy-to-remember ‘label’ for an IP address.
► TCP address
► Domain name
► Network name
► VoIP

CS101 Question No: 6 ( M a r k s: 1 )

In spreadsheets, cell address A12 means _______.
► Row A, Cloumn 12
► Row 12, Cloumn A
► Row 2,Cloumn A1
► Row A1, Cloumn 2

CS101 Question No: 7 ( M a r k s: 1 )

According to the heuristic, the number of defects remaining in a system after a given level of tests is proportional to ___________.
► The number found on very first day.
► The number found during the development.
► The number found during the test.
► None of the given options.

CS101 Question No: 8 ( M a r k s: 1 )

Which one is the best option for designing a Medical Expert System?
► Rule Based System
► Genetic Algorithm
► Fuzzy Logic
► Neural Network

CS101 Question No: 9 ( M a r k s: 1 )

Command that allows you to recover form mistakes is called __________.
► Clear
► Edit
► Undo
► Break

CS101 Question No: 10 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The document.write( ) method expects ___________ as its argument.
► Integer
► Float
► String
► Boolean

CS101 Question No: 11 ( M a r k s: 1 )

We use ___________ to stop Break-Ins.
► Scanners
► Intrusion detectors
► Utilities
► None of the given options

CS101 Question No: 12 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The developer report to ___________ in a development team.
► Team Lead
► Project Manager
► IT Manager

CS101 Question No: 13 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The key responsibilities of a project manager is _____________.
► Planning and tracking of the project
► Arranging of the appropriate resources
► Client relationship management
► All of the given options

CS101 Question No: 14 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The key responsibilities of the architect of the project is______________.
► Technology selection
► High-level design
► Makes certain that the implementation remains true to the design
► All of the given options

CS101 Question No: 15 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The important attribute of image tag is ________________.
► src
► image
► None of the given options
► alt

CS101 Question No: 16 ( M a r k s: 1 )

onAbort , onError are the _______________ of the image object.
► Event Handler
► Properties
► Methods
► None of the given options

CS101 Question No: 17 ( M a r k s: 1 )

Now a days, users communicate with the computer using a consistent __________ provided by the Operating System.
► Command-line interface
► Application Interface
► User Interface
► Protocol

CS101 Question No: 18 ( M a r k s: 1 )

One can browse documents residing on a remote computer using ________ protocol.

CS101 Question No: 19 ( M a r k s: 1 )

Which of the following device can be used to control network traffic?
► Cable
► Connector
► Hub
► Repeater

CS101 Question No: 20 ( M a r k s: 1 )

User can remotely log on to a computer and can have a control over it like a local user using
► TelNet Protocol
► TelNet Protocol and connected to the user through TCP/IP network
► TelNet protocol and FTP
► TCP/IP and FTP

CS101 Question No: 21 ( M a r k s: 1 )

If(studentM a r k s>70);
document.write( "Grade A");

Which of following is correct format of above code:
► If(studentM a r k s>70);
document.write( "Grade A");
► If(studentM a r k s70)
document.write( "Grade A");
► If(studentM a r k s>70)
document.write( "Grade A");
► None of above options

CS101 Question No: 22 ( M a r k s: 1 )

Which of the following language is object based but not object oriented language.
► javascript
► visual basic
► C++


CS101 Question No: 23 ( M a r k s: 1 )

asin(x) stands for __________
► Asynchronous sine
► Alpha Sine
► Automated Sine
► ArcSine

CS101 Question No: 24 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The output of POW (3, 2) is______________.
► 6
► 4
► 9
► 12

CS101 Question No: 25 ( M a r k s: 1 )

The Right most portion or the third portion of the URL contains______ .
► Protocol Identifier
► Server Name
► Directory Name
► None of the given

CS101 Question No: 26 ( M a r k s: 1 )

Which Image format is known as Lossless original format.
► Bitmap
► Vector

CS101 Question No: 27 ( M a r k s: 2 )

What is a function? Give one example.
Function is a reusable code (group of statement) that is executed when the function is called. It is also known as sub-program. Function is normally defined in the head section of the code.
CS101 Question No: 28 ( M a r k s: 2 )

What is an intelligent system?
Intelligent systems are the programs developed to perform complicated jobs that reflect human brain and thoughts. If the algorithms are too much complex or can not be solved instantly then we can use such systems. Therefore the well intelligent system not only performs well but it has the capability to rectify any errors by himself if it occurs within his domain.
The examples of intelligent systems are Robotics, Business Intelligence …etc.
CS101 Question No: 29 ( M a r k s: 2 )

What is meant by semantic error ?
It is an error which a developer encounters when a statement is executed but it was not intended by him (the developer). Such errors are very difficult to locate during testing. Mostly these occur during abnormal circumstances. It may be referred as the logical error.

CS101 Question No: 30 ( M a r k s: 2 )

What is best algorithm?
Greedy algorithm is the best algorithm as it is n algorithm that always takes the best immediate, or local solution while finding an answer.
CS101 Question No: 31 ( M a r k s: 3 )

How can we include images in a web page using HTML and Java script?
Images can be included in HTML by employing tag, below is the format of
text align="bottom|middle|top">
CS101 Question No: 32 ( M a r k s: 3 )

What are the Sub categories of Artificial Intelligence? Briefly explain any two.
1. Robotics
These are the machines which are computer programmed and perform work which was previously done by humans. They can be found in the manufacturing industry, the military, space exploration and medical applications.
2. Expert Systems
These systems are designed to replace an expert. The medical expert system is an example of such system which can replace a Doctor/medical expert.

CS101 Question No: 33 ( M a r k s: 3 )

What are the steps of working of TCP and IP protocols in internet transmission?
TCP divide messages in to many packets (capsulation) and sent these messages over the internet and IP route these messages on the internet to the correct destination and upon reaching the messages on its destination the messages are encapsulated.
CS101 Question No: 34 ( M a r k s: 5 )

What is ARPANET and who developed it?
ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects. The initial purpose was to communicate with and share computer resources among mainly scientific users at the connected institutions. In the beginning it was connected four universities and enabled scientists to share resources.
It was headed by Dr. J.C.R. Licklider.
CS101 Question No: 35 ( M a r k s: 5 )

Define professional ethics and its benefits with an example?
CS101 Question No: 36 ( M a r k s: 5 )

Write JavaScript code for the following:
Make a function compareWithTen(value)
Compare the function argument with ‘10’ and display a message whether the value is less than, equal to or greater than 10.